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Frequently asked questions

Do I drop my dog off and pick them up?

Yes. The Grooming Co. is a one on one service therefore, you drop off and pick up your pooch after its dental session. Pick up time will be advised at drop off. We please request you’re not late for pick up. Late fees may apply.

Is eftpos available?


When can I bring my puppy for grooming?

Two weeks post receiving their 3rd and final puppy vaccination. However, we recommend gradual exposure to grooming to commence at home beforehand.

Do you groom dogs with behavioural issues?

Yes however, this is dependent on the level of behaviour and will be discussed further with the client on whether grooming can be complete in the salon or whether their dog requires veterinary grooming. Your pooch may require a muzzle to maintain staff and dog safety. We recommend animalwellnessandbehaviour for professional training and advice on overcoming these issues.

I’ve tried to call you however, no answer?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to answer calls due to various reasons including dog dryers being on or dogs on the table which could compromise their safety if phones are answered. Therefore, we please request you send us a text message for any enquires and we will respond at our earliest convenience.

Is it extra for matting?

Yes. A matting fee will apply and is dependent on severity and your pooches behaviour.

I’m early for my appointment, what do I do?

Unless told otherwise, if there is a dog in the salon please remain in your car with your dog or go for a short walk away from the salon until the time of your appointment. This is to minimise noise and contact with other dogs to maintain their safety.

Are my dogs crated whilst in the salon?

Yes. Dogs can be crated under supervision in the salon and can be for various reasons however, it’s often to maintain their safety and keep them clean post their groom. 

How do I book?

Booking is through our website only. Please follow the prompts and book the correct service. If you’re unsure what service to book, please send us an email or text message prior to booking.

Can I be put on a cancellation list?

Yes. Please send us a text message requesting this however, we’re unable to guarantee an appointment.

Is there parking available?

Yes. Street parking is available however, we do recommend you please park in the driveway to avoid disrupting neighbours.

Can I book automated appointments?

Yes. Please speak to us post your first appointment to set up automated regular appointments.

Do you stock grooming products?

Yes. We stock various professional grooming products including shampoos, brushes, combs, colognes and even treats that can be purchased in store.

I’ve realised I’ve booked a service but it’s the wrong one?

Please cancel via our Fresha booking system and rebook the correct service. You will receive an email with your account details to be able to reschedule. The service booked at the time of the appointment will be complete. Unfortunately our appointments are back to back and therefore, we’re unable to provide additional services unless booked online prior.

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